Advantages of OPLC

The advantages of the different OPLC methods are summarized as follows:

1. All commercially available chromatographic plates can be used, irrespective of their size and quality; stationary phases prepared from smaller particles can be used without loss of resolution as a result of the overpressure.

2. Mobile phases optimized in unsaturated analytical TLC can be transferred after a suitable prerun.

3. Circular development can be performed without special preparation of the plates; for linear and anticircular development specially prepared plates are necessary.

4. Many samples (up to 72) can be separated rapidly on a single analytical plate and evaluation can be performed densitometrically.

5. Multilayer OPLC is applicable for offline separation of many (up to 360) samples, again with densitometric evaluation.

6. The separation time is relatively short and scale-up for preparative work is simple.

7. All linear separation methods (analytical, micro-preparative, preparative) are online; removal of the separated compounds by scraping off the layer is unnecessary.

8. Online determination of a single analytical sample on fine particle-size analytical plates, and online micropreparative and preparative separations can be recorded with a flow through detector.

9. Online preparative separation of 10-500 mg samples can generally be performed in a single chromatographic run.

10. The development distance can be easily increased by use of long-distance OPLC.

11. Combination of different adsorbents can be used in long-distance OPLC so that each part of a complex mixture can be separated on a suitable stationary phase.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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