Advantages of Brush Type CSPs

In general, brush-type CSPs possess a number of advantages; since the selector is a small molecule, which is often completely synthetic, a structure which contains no labile or reactive components can usually be developed and the mode of attachment of the selector to the chromatographic support can be chosen for durability. Brush-type CSPs are typically covalently attached to the chromatographic support. Thus, most brush-type phases are chemically robust and are generally quite long-lived. Longevity is desirable for an analytical CSP, but truly essential for a preparative CSP, where continuous operation for several years may be required. The chemical robustness of brush-type CSPs results in the ability of these materials to be used with a wide variety of mobile phases, which provides greater flexibility in method development, especially when poorly soluble analytes are being investigated. The ability to utilize a variety of mobile phases is of even greater importance in preparative chromatography, where compound solubility can drastically limit enantioseparation productivity.

An additional advantage of brush-type phases stems from the fact that the selectors which are used are typically small molecules with molecular mass of less than 11000 Da. Consequently, the selectors can be very densely arrayed on the chromatographic surface, resulting in a phase which is highly resistant to sample overload and which has a very high preparative capacity.

Finally, most synthetic CSPs are available in either enantiomeric form. Consequently, either elution order ( + before — ,or — before + ) can be chosen. Elution of the minor enantiomer before the major is generally preferred in analysis, while elution of the desired component before the undesired can greatly increase productivity in preparative HPLC.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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