Advantages and Disadvantages Compared with Conventional Chromatography

The main advantage of CC is the improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio without preconcentration in a relatively short time. The resulting lower detection limit makes the technique very suitable for trace analysis. Another important advantage is that the compounds to be analysed remain on the average in their original chemical environment. This property of CC is particularly useful if compounds present in the sample degrade easily once isolated from their matrix. Another feature is the possibility of continuous monitoring of the varying concentrations encountered in process analysis. An interesting possibility is the strong reduction of effects due to nonlinear behaviour of the chromatographic system. When using CC, non-linear affected separations may improve drastically, although correlation noise may arise. Chromatographers need no special knowledge or skill to use CC in daily practice.

Possible disadvantages are the high demands on the chromatographic system, particularly the injection (reproducibility, wear and tear); the possible correlation noise, mainly due to injection errors; the extra sample required; and the extra time. In addition, the separation conditions are not exactly the same as in conventional chromatography, because of the continuous presence of sample throughout the column. The improvement of the signal-to-noise ratio is less than when the analytical signal itself is increased by a comparable preconcentration of the sample. How ever, preconcentration is often cumbersome or even undesirable, for example because of poor reproducibility.

The principles of CC are based on the assumption of stability of the system. Therefore, the application of gradient elution or programmed temperature techniques is out of the question in normal CC.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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