Advanced Controls

It is possible - although not common - to control a column to separate according to a grade-recovery response curve. As grade increases or decreases in the feed, level, air rate and bias may be adjusted to achieve the most economical performance. This type of control requires a good predictive model based on theoretical knowledge, past experience and test work that uses information from upstream processes to adjust column parameters in anticipation of changes (feed-forward control). Predictive systems provide feed-forward control and can incorporate either knowledge base or models (statistical or deterministic) into the control loop. Excessive complexity of models or control strategy does not improve the results as the uncertainty in parameters grows. Such a system also requires extensive online detection equipment such as density, flow and pressure meters. When these controls are implemented they are either model-based systems or some form of artificial intelligence (knowledge base, neural network systems based on fuzzy logic principles).

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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