A RT ln

and for stoichiometric solutions equals: Aß = RTv ln S + RTva

crystallizer is often assumed to be constant in eqns [12-19], However, by making V and the feed streams time-dependent, dynamic effects can be taken into account, and thus also batch processes. The mass balance is given by:

d^ ^v,feed(£feedPfeed,liquid # (1 £feed)Pcrystal)

Given the relatively low supersaturations, a, that often lie between 0.001 and 0.01 with more easily soluble substances, eqn [8] simplifies into:

v,vapourA^ vapour

The component balances are given by:

dMi ~dt

£feed pfeed,liquid ^^feed,liquid,i

# (1 ^feed)Pcrystal^feed,crystal,i/' ^v,prod(£pliquidWliquid,i # (1 ^)pcrystal^crystal,i)

In practice the supersaturation is often indicated by eqn [5].

For flash cooling or evaporation two terms contribute to the driving force (AT and Ac).

For precipitation, no simplifications are allowed, owing to the high supersaturation values (o> 1), and either eqn [8] or eqn [10] is used. For antisolvent precipitation the value of c depends on the actual concentration of the solute in the original solvent and, like c*, on the degree of dilution by the antisolvent.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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