which gives:


Nonspherical particles There are two main effects to be accounted for with nonspherical particles: the first is related to the particle volume expression and the second to Stokes Law. The parameter d contained in eqn [7] has to be changed depending on the kind of data available.

The first effect is accounted for by using the volume equivalent diameter, i.e. the diameter of a sphere having the same particle volume VSp, i.e. dv = 3^(6VSp/m) instead of the sphere diameter, d. This quantity sometimes can be related to true geometrical dimension of the particle if its geometry is known.

An irregular shape affects the behaviour of the particle while it is moving within the fluid. Stokes Law takes account of this by substituting the diameter d with the 'drag diameter', i.e. the diameter of a sphere having the same resistance to the motion within the fluid f= 3 m] odd

In order to conclude this section, an appropriate combination of all the above cases is necessary for irregular porous particles.

Solar Panel Basics

Solar Panel Basics

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