How to Lease Purchase a Home

Buy a House Using a Lease Option

Rent-To-Own Your Own Home! Most people will never be able to own their own home because they don't have enough cash or their credit is not enough for the bank to extend them any line of credit. However, you don't actually have to have much money at all or have a good credit score to own a home like everyone else can! If you wonder why most methods of buying a house are not working for you, then keep reading! This could be the way that you finally own the home that you deserve! This guide from Don Mayer shows you how to take advantage of Lease Purchase Advantage, where you can approach sellers directly and pay them a monthly fee to own the home eventually. You're just renting until you pay off the money! That's all that it takes to own your own home. Don takes you through all of the legal aspects to doing this for yourself You will soon be able to buy the home that you deserve! More here...

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Public Sector Facility Options

As opposed to a performance-based agreement, a tax-exempt lease purchase agreement is generally seen as a somewhat greater financial risk because it must generate sufficient energy savings to fully amortize the lease cost over the term of the financing program. However, mitigating risk is the substantially lower cost of financing and avoidance of additional fees, which results in significantly increased debt coverage. This may allow a project to show positive cash flow over the shorter financing term, while the performance-based contract term must be extended far longer to produce positive cash flow.

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