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How to Start a Lawn Care Business

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How to Start a Lawn Care Business Summary

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Lawn And Pest Control

Lawn and pest control companies require a portable means of transferring chemicals in order to provide treatments. Liquids are used to treat yard infestations in addition, the majority of homes and buildings are treated for termites during construction. It is common for lawn care companies to use PTO-driven centrifugal pumps capable of delivering 10 to 15 gpm (38 to 56 l min) through a 100 ft (30 m) hose. Specialty requirements, such as tree spraying, will require a higher pressure system, normally a gasoline-powered piston pump. For insecticide treatment, the power source is commonly either electricity or gasoline. Typical pumps are roller pumps, capable of approximately 4 gpm (15 l min) at 50 lb in2 (3.45 bar).

138 European standards

Harmonised or 'EN' standards are those that have been approved by the European standard making organisations, Committe European de Normalisation (CEN) for standards of mechanical equipment and Committe European de Normalisation Electrotechnique (CENELEC) for standards of electrical equipment. They are given the prefix letters EN and in the UK can be recognised by the designation BS EN, e.g. BS EN 836, Garden equipment - Powered lawn mowers - Safety.

Reciprocating Engines

Reciprocating internal combustion (IC) engines are a widespread and well-known technology. North American production tops 35 million units per year for automobiles, trucks, construction and mining equipment, lawn care, marine propulsion, and of course, all types of power generation from small portable gen-sets to engines the size of a house, powering generators of several megawatts. Spark ignition engines for power generation use natural gas as the preferred fuel though they can be set up to run on propane or gasoline. Diesel cycle, compression ignition engines can operate on diesel fuel or heavy oil, or they can be set up in a dual-fuel configuration that

Urban Nonpoint Source Pollution

Streets, lawns, driveways, roads, construction activities, atmospheric deposition, drainage channel erosion Residential lawns and gardens, roadsides, utility right-of-ways, commercial and industrial landscaped areas, soil wash-off Residential lawns and gardens, commercial landscaping, animal wastes Roads, driveways, parking lots, vehicle maintenance areas, gas stations, illicit dumping to storm drains Lawns, roads, leaky sanitary sewer lines, sanitary sewer cross-connections, animal waste, septic systems Lawn fertilizer, atmospheric deposition, automobile exhaust, soil erosion, animal waste, detergents Lawn debris management

Agglomeration Rate Processes

GeneralReferenceS Adetayo et al., Pou der Tech., 82, 37 (1995). Brown & Richards, Principles of Powder Mechanics, Pergamon Press (1970). Carson & Marinelli, Chemical Eng., April (1994). Ennis & Litster, The Science & Engineering of Granulation Processes, Blackie Academic Ltd., 1997. Ennis et al., Powder Tech., 65, 257 (1991). Ennis & Sunshine, Tribology International, 26, 319 (1993). Ennis (ed.), Proceedings of the Firsi International Particle Technology Forum, Vol. 1, AIChE, Denver, 1994. Ennis, Powder Technology, 88, 203 (1996). Kristensen, Acta Pharm. Suec., 25, 187, 1988. Lawn, Fracture oof Brittle Solids, 2nd ed., Cambridge University Press, 1975. Owens & Wendt, J. Appl Polym. Sci., 13, 1741 (1969). Pan et al., Dynamic Properties oof Interfaces & Association Structure, American Oil Chem. Soc. Press (1995). Parfitt (ed.), Dispersion of Powders in Liquids, Elsevier Applied Science Publishers Ltd., 1986.

Direct Input from Pollutant Source

In addition to cross-connections of sewage and industrial wastes from sanitary sewers, solid waste dumps, and failing septic tanks, solids accumulations and growth in sewers can also enter into storm sewers. Excess water from lawn watering and car washing is another example of direct input. Pollutant loadings from direct inputs are difficult to document and quantify.

Q How important is a good electrical ground in MIG welding

A In arc welding, an arc is established from the electrode to the workpiece. To do this properly, the arc requires a smooth flow of electricity through the complete electrical circuit, with minimum resistance. If you crimp a garden hose while watering the lawn, the flow at the sprinkler head is much reduced. Beginning welders often make the mistake of attaching the work clamp (or electrical ground) to a painted panel or a rusty surface. Both of these surfaces are electrical insulators and do not allow the welding current to flow properly. The resulting welding arc will be difficult to establish and not very stable. Other telltale signs of an improper electrical connection are a work clamp that is hot to the touch or cables that generate heat. Another key point to consider when attaching the welding ground is to place the welding ground on the piece being welded. Welding current will seek the path of least resistance so if care is not taken to place the welding ground close to the arc,...

Binaural Localization

Stereophonic records and sound systems are a relatively new development. Stereo hearing has been around at least as long as man. Both are concerned with the localization of the source of sound. In early times some people thought that having two ears was like having two lungs or two kidneys, if something went wrong with one the other could still function. Lord Rayleigh laid that idea to rest by a simple experiment on the lawn of Cambridge University. A circle of assistants spoke or struck tuning forks and Lord Rayleigh in the center with his eyes

Municipal Wastewater Flow Reduction

Qasim (1985) suggests that home water reuse can lead to a 30 to 40 reduction in water consumption and a 40 to 50 reduction in wastewater volume. Wastewater from sinks, bathtubs, showers, and laundry can be treated on-site and reused for toilet flushing and lawn sprinkling.

Oil Sources

Scavengers are reluctant to collect oil, and frequently oil reaches the local sewer system. The machine tool industry uses considerable volumes of oil for lubrication and cutting. All mechanized industries require oil for lubrication. In the steel industry, fabricated metals are frequently dipped in oil to prevent rust during storage. Runoff from highways and parking lots contains measurable amounts of oil leaked from motor vehicles. Another source of oil is the common two-cycle engine used frequently for lawn mowers and outboard motors. Tests show that at low speeds, two-cycle outboard motors bypass as much as one-third of the total fuel-oil mixture.

233 Countermeasures

Many components of utility systems are built in exposed locations that make them vulnerable to traffic accidents or tampering. Pipeline components such as valves and regulators can be buried in pits. Berms can protect many components like metering stations and regulators by sheltering them from vehicular traffic, deflecting blasts, and obscuring the line of sight necessary for firearm damage. Bollards offer excellent protection against delivery vehicles and lawn mowers. Creek and river crossing should be designed to withstand the full force of flooding. This includes any large debris that might be carried by the current.


Examples of this concept exists all around us such as the use of automobiles, aircraft, boats, lawnmowers, foods, medical pills and devices, water, air we breathe, news reports, and so on. Practically all elements around us encompass some level of uncertainty and risk. Otherwise as we know it would not exist.

Horizontal Loops

These systems are common in residential applications but are not frequently applied to large-tonnage commercial applications because of the significant land area required for adequate heat transfer. The horizontal-loop systems can be buried beneath lawns, landscaping, and parking lots. Horizontal systems tend to be more popular where there is ample land area with a high water table.

Pump efficiency

Let's talk about the pump efficiency. Imagine a small pump connected to a garden hose squirting a stream of water across the lawn. You could direct the How from the hose up into the air at about a 45-dcgree angle, and the stream would arc upward and attain its best distance of reach from the nozzle or launch point. The stream of water would attain a specific height into the air and a specific distance. The efficiency curve of a pump is seen as the trajectory or arc of a stream of water. When squirted from a hose, the elevation that attains the best distance, when plotted onto the pump curve, is called the best efficiency point (BKP). On the pump curve, it is seen as in Figure 7-4.

25 Further Reading

For particle coagulation and aggregation. Lawn, B. R. and Wilshaw, T. R. Fracture of Brittle Solids (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1975) Lowrison, G. C. Crushing and Grinding (Butterworths, London, 1974) Marshall, V. C. (ed) Comminution (Institution of Chemical Engineers, London, 1974) Mathur, K. B. and Epstein, N. Spouted Beds (Academic Press, New York, 1974)

Secondary Treatment

The trickling filter, shown in Fig. 9-11, consists of a filter bed of fist-sized rocks over which the waste is trickled. The name is something of a misnomer since no filtration takes place. A very active biological growth forms on the rocks, and these organisms obtain their food from the waste stream dripping through the rock bed. Air is either forced through the rocks or circulates automatically because of the temperature difference between the air in the bed and ambient temperatures. In older filters, the waste is sprayed onto the rocks from fixed nozzles. The newer designs use a rotating arm that moves under its own power, like a lawn sprinkler, distributing the waste evenly over the entire bed. Often the flow is recirculated and a higher degree of treatment attained.

Small CPUs

That's the sound of the incessant information processing that subtly surrounds us, that keeps us warm, washes our clothes, cycles water to the lawn, and generally makes life a little more tolerable. It's so quiet and keeps such a low profile that even embedded designers forget how much our lives are dominated by data processing. Sure, we rail at the banks' mainframes for messing up a credit report while the fridge kicks into auto-defrost and the microwave spits out another meal.


A granule is a nonuniform physical composite possessing certain macroscopic mechanical properties, such as a generally anisotropic yield stress, as well as an inherent flaw distribution. Hard materials may fail in tension (see brittle fracture under size reduction), with the breaking strength being much less than the inherent tensile strength of bonds because of the existence of flaws. Lawn, Fracture of Brittle Solids, 2d ed., Cambridge University Press (1975). Bulk breakage tests of granule strength measure both the inherent bond strength of granule as well as its flaw distribution. Bemros & Bridgwater, Powder Tech., 49, 97 (1987). In addition, the mechanism of granule breakage (Table 20-39) is a strong function of materials properties of the granule itself as well as the type of loading imposed by the test conditions. Ranking of product-breakage resistance by ad hoc tests may be test specific, and in the worst case differ from actual process conditions. Standardarized mechanical...

Properties Of Solids

In an experimental and theoretical study on glass spheres Frank and Lawn Proc. R. Soc. (London), A299(1458), 291 (1967) observed the repeated formation of ring cracks as increasing load was applied, causing the circle of contact to widen. Eventually a load is reached at which the crack deepens to form a cone crack, and at a sufficient load this propagates across the sphere to cause breakage into fragments. The authors' photographs show how the size of flaws that happen to be encountered at the edge of the circle of contact can result in a distribution of breakage strengths. Thus the mean value of breakage strength depends partly on intrinsic strength and partly on the extent of flaws present. From the measured breaking load and the Hertz theory one can calculate the apparent tensile strength c0, which is the maximum stress under the circle of contact normal to the direction of crack propagation. This tensile strength is the most appropriate one to use for breakage in mills, although...

Civil Engineering

Although municipal water systems might have provided adequate quantities of water, the water quality was often suspect. One observer noted that the poor used the water for soup, the middle class dyed their clothes in it, and the very rich used it for top-dressing their lawns.


Plastic office furniture, principally just for chairs, panels, and laminates for desks, represents about a 10 billion market or just 3l 2 wt of all plastics. Unreinforced and glass reinforced PPs are principally used. Lawn and garden furniture consumes about 2xh wt plastics also principally using PPs. All these products as well as others have a good growth rate.

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

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