Supply Chain Software

IQMS are developers of ERP (enterprise resource planning) and supply chain management software for plastic processors and other repetitive manufacturers. The ERP 11 growth continues with the introduction of the IQ Human Resources Suite, or IQ HR. Traditional ERP systems include some human resources functionality, but are typically limited by integration issues (getting two different companies' software to talk to each other). Enterprise IQ, however, allows companies to completely manage HR with the same integrated system they use to manage their manufacturing, accounting, production monitoring and customer/ vendor relations. This is a first in the ERP software industry.

The expanded IQ HR Suite of modules includes all the functionalities repetitive manufacturers require to effectively manage human resources. Included in the suite are two existing modules: IQ Payroll and IQ Time & Attendance, and one new module, IQ Workforce. IQ Payroll manages employee compensation and planning, including job performance, salary history, benefit management and administration reporting. IQ Time & Attendance quickly and easily allows management to allocate, track and apply time to a work order for a manufactured item, production process, tooling project or preventative maintenance routine.

IQ HR helps complete the supply chain loop for repetitive manufacturers. "For years, the supply chain has been defined solely as vendors and customers," says Terry Cline, IQMS vice-president of operations. "With IQ HR, we give manufacturers' the power to efficiendy and effectively manage the third and often-overlooked link in their supply chain: the workforce."

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