Stressstrain behavior

The information presented throughout this book is used in different loading equations. As an example stress-strain data may guide the designer in the initial selection of a material. Such data also permit a designer to specify either design stresses or strains safely within the proportional/elastic limit of the material. However for certain products such as a vessel that is being designed to fail at a specified internal pressure, the designer may choose to use the tensile yield stress of the material in the design calculations.

Designers of most structures specify material stresses and strains well within the proportional/elastic limit. Where required (with no or limited experience on a particular type product materialwise and/or processwise) this practice builds in a margin of safety to accommodate die effects of improper material processing conditions and/or unforeseen loads and environmental factors. This practice also allows the designer to use design equations based on the assumptions of small deformation and purely elastic material behavior. Other important properties derived from stressstrain data that are used include modulus of elasticity and tensile strength.

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