Quality control

Different approaches are used in setting up QC. QC as in testing are discussed but often the least understood. Usually it involves the inspection of materials and products as they complete different phases of processing. Products that are within specifications proceed, while those that are out of specification are either repaired, recycled, or scrapped. Possibly the workers who made the out-of-spec products are notified so "they" can correct "their" mistake.

The approach just oudined is after-the-fact approach to QC; all defects caught in this manner are already present in the product being processed. This type of QC will usually catch defects and is necessary, but it does littie to correct the basic problem(s) in production. One of the problems with add-on QC of this type is that it constitutes one of the least cost-effective ways of obtaining high quality products. Quality must be built into a product from the beginning of the design that follows the FALLO approach (Fig. 1.15); it cannot be inspected into the process. The target is to control quality before a product becomes defective.

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