Problem Solution Concept

In the art of the design concept there is the generation of solutions to meet the product requirements. It represents the sum of all of the subsystems and of the component parts that go to make up the whole system. During this phase, one is concerned with ideas and the generation of solutions.

In practice, even with the simplest product design, one will probably have ideas as to how you might ultimately approach the problem(s). Record these ideas as they occur; however avoid the temptation to start engineering and developing the ideas further. This tendency is as common with designers as it is with other professionals in their respective areas of interest. So, record the ideas but resist the temptation to proceed.

Target as many ideas as you can possibly generate where single solutions are usually a disaster. While it is recognized that you may have limited experience and knowledge, both of technological and non-technological things, you must work within limits since design is not an excuse for trying to do impossible things outside the limits. Notwithstanding these facts, you need to use what you know and what you can discover. You will need to engineer your concepts to a level where each is complete and recognizable, and technically in balance within the limits and is feasible in meeting product requirements.

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