Water filter deflector block system (Courtesy of DuPont) "0 ' Ring

Water filter deflector block system (Courtesy of DuPont) "0 ' Ring

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Throughout the years there have been used different forms and/or terms of plastic lumber that usually provide significant increases in physical, mechanical, chemical resistant, long life, and other properties. Compressed wood (also called densified wood or laminated wood) is wood that has been subjcctcd to high compression pressure to increase its density with or without plastics. Composition boards are small particles of wood bonded together that usually use a plastic to bond them. Laminated wood is a high pressure bonded wood product composed of layers of wood with plastic such as phenolic as the laminating agent. Modified wood is any wood where its properties have been improved by plastics. Compreg (also called impregnated wood-plastic) is a contraction of compressed plastic impregnated wood.

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