There are different industry laboratory organizations providing testing, specifications, standards, and/or certifications. They provide updated information to meet different requirements such as aiding processors in controlling product quality, meet safety requirements, etc. Examples of important organizations include ASTM, DIN, ISO, and UL. Table 7.2 includes a list of organizations worldwide involved in preparing or coordinating testing specifications, regulations, and standards. Note that previously issued test procedures and standards are subject to change and being updated periodically. As an example ASTM issues annual publications that include all changes.

Organizations involved in specifications, regulations, and standards

ASTM. American Society for Testing and

Materials. UL Underwriters Laboratories. ISO. International Organization for

Standardization. DIN. Deutsches Instut, Normung. ACS. American Chemical Society. ANSI. American National Standards Institute. ASCE. American Society of Chemical Engineers. ASM. American Society of Metals. ASME. American Society of Mechanical

Engineers. BMI. Battele Memorial Institute. BSI. British Standards Institute. CPSC. Consumer Product Safety Commission. CSA. Canadian Standards Association. DOD. Department of Defense. DOSISS. Department of Defense Index ft

Specifications £t Standards. DOT. Department of Transportation. EIA. Electronic Industry Association. EPA. Environmental Protection Agency. FMRC. Factory Mutual Research Corporation. FDA. Food and Drug Administration. FTC. Federal Trade Commission. IAPM0. International Association of Plumbing ft Mechanical Officials.

IEC. International Electrotechincal Commission.

IEEE. Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

ISA. Instrument Society of America.

JIS. Japanese Industrial Standards.

NADC. Naval Air Development.

NACE. National Association of Corrosion Engineers.

NAHB. National Association of Home Builders.

NEMA. National Electrical Manufacturers' Association.

NFPA. National Fire Protection Association.

NIST. National Institute of Standards Et

Technology (previously the na6tional Bureau of Standards).

NIOSH. National Institute for Occupational Safety Et Health.

OSHA. Occupational Safety Et Health Administration.

PLASTEC. Plastics Technical Evaluation Center.

PPI. Plastics Pipe Institute.

QPL Qualified Products List.

SAE. Society of Automotive Engineers.

SPE. Society of Plastics Engineers.

SPI. Society of the Plastics Industry.

TAPPI. Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry.

Available is a USA government directory list for various forms of testing worldwide that includes plastics. The National Voluntary Accreditation Program (NVLAP) endorses them. The directory is available from NIST, NVLAP Directory, A124 Building, Gaithersburg, MD 20899 USA.

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