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floto ^1í|fb E2ata E2(|t(| ELota ELbtt where A2\ = numerically.

33 6120t0 Gubtb

The stresses acting on a small part of the wall are therefore as shown in Fig. 2.37a.

Three types of construction will be investigated as shown in Fig. 2.37 (1), (2), (3). All three employ the balanced fabric having the characteristics shown in Fig. 2.35. In (1) the fabric is simply wrapped in layers a and b with the L and Tdirections laid in the circumferential and axial directions. In (2) the layers are laid at 45° to the axis of the cylinder, and in (3) they are laid at alternate 30° angles in left-hand and right-hand spirals as shown. In each instance t„ = th = 0.10 in.

Referring to Fig. 2.35, it is seen that for Case 1

£i0= fib = E2a= E2b= 3 x 106 psi Vl8o = V21a = ^,26 = 0.20 mla = m1b = m2a = m2b= 0

Eqs. 2-118 to 2-120 therefore become

0 0

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