Engineering Information

The most comprehensive collections of engineering information can be found at large research libraries. In USA they include those in New York City, Boston, Chicago, and Los Angeles. These libraries are accessible to the public. They provide duplicating services and will answer telephoned or written reference questions. Substantial collections also exist at universities and engineering schools. These libraries are intended for use by faculty and students, but outsiders can frequendy obtain permission to use these libraries by appointment, upon payment of a library fee, or through a cooperative arrangement with a public library. Special libraries in business and industry frequendy have excellent collections on the subjects most direcdy related to their activity. They are usually only available for use by employees and the company.

Public libraries vary considerably in size, and the collection will usually reflect the special interests of the community. Central libraries, particularly in large cities, may have a considerable collection of engineering books and periodicals. Online searching is becoming an increasingly frequent service that is provided by public libraries. Regardless of the size of, a library, the reference librarian should prove helpful in obtaining materials not locally available. These services include inter-library loans from networks, issuing of courtesy cards to provide access to nonpublic libraries, and providing the location of the nearest library that owns needed materials.

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