Encyclopedia and Industrial Books

There are many hundreds of encyclopedias and handbooks covering science and technology. Internet sites with comprehensive catalogs of books include amazon.com and barnesandnoble.com. The date of publication should be checked before using any of these works if the required informadon is likely to have been affected by recent progress. The following list represents only a sampling of available works of outstanding value.

The concern with industrial health and safety has placed an addidonal responsibility on the designer to see that materials and products are handled in a safe manner. Sax's Dangerous Properdes of Industrial Materials (Kluwer, 1996) provides an authoritative treatment of this subject. This book also covers handling and shipping regulations for a large variety of materials and products.

Designers are concerned with the interacdon between humans and machines. This area has become increasingly sophisticated and specialized. Books on Human Factors have been written for the design engineer rather than the human factor specialist. The books provide the engineer with guidelines for designing products for convenient use by people.

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