Database General Information

In addition to the databases and general information provided throughout this book (Chapter 6, etc.) other examples follow:

CAMPUS This internationally known database software Computer-Aided Material Selection uses uniform standards of testing methods comparing different plastics available from different material suppliers. It was developed by close cooperation with leading plastics producing companies. Special CAMPUS pages are on their websites, updated each time they finish further testing of present and new materials. Its data can be direcdy merged into CAE programs. CAMPUS provides comparable property database on a uniform set of testing standards on materials along with processing information. The database contains single-point data for mechanical, thermal, rheo-logical, electrical, flammability, and other properties. Multipoint data is also provided such as secant modulus vs. strain, tensile stress-strain over a wide range of temperatures, and viscosity vs. shear rate at multiple temperatures. Software initially developed by BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, and Hulls; followed with Dow, GE, Ciba, etc. The CAMPUS Plastics Database is a registered trademark of CWFG GmbH, Frankfurt/Main, Germany, tel: +49 241 963 1450, Fax: +49 241 963 1469,

CENBASE The database is available on CD-ROM, and contains the equivalent of over 150,000 pages of data, cbmat/

DART A diagnostic software expert system, developed by IBM, which is used to diagnose equipment failure problems. It is unique in that it does not hold information about why equipment fails. Instead, it contrasts the expected behavior with the actual behavior of the equipment in order to diagnose the problem.

DATAPOINT Extensive laboratory equipment and research support services by Datapoint Testing Services, Ithaca, NY 14850 www.

DFMA Design for Manufacture & Assembly provides determinants of costs associated with processes by Boothroyd Dewhurst Inc., Wakefield, RI

EnPlot This is ASM's analytical engineering graphics software used to transform raw data into meaningful, presentation-ready plots and curves. It offers users a wide array of mathematical functions used to fit data to known curves; includes quadratic Bezier spline, straight-line polynomial, Legendre polynomial, Nth order, and exponential splines.

GAIM This is the Gas-Assisted Injection Molding software from Advanced CAE Technology Inc., Ithaca, NY. GAIM helps overcome the lack of experience with the gas-assisted IM process, helping user evaluate alternative designs and determine the best processing conditions.

Globalability: The Key to International Compliance Is the world your marketplace? If so, consider learning how to identify and comply with regulatory requirements in numerous markets around the globe. Develop and implement a global compliance strategy that will reduce your costs and speed time-to-market. You will get the facts about China's 3C Mark, Japan's DENAN Program, and Europe's CE Marketing along with key information on markets including Australia, Argentina, Mexico, Russian Federation, and South Korea. Get the latest information on product legislation, certification schemes, regional trade arrangements, and international standards development. Underwriters Laboratory, Northbrook, IL, USA (tel. 847-272-8800)

Injection Molding Operator IBM's molders training programs.

IBM Patents The IBM Intellectual Property Network (IPN) has evolved into a premier Website for searching, viewing, and analyzing patent documents. The IPN provides you with free access to a wide variety of data collections and patent information.

Maintenance Professional-Main Spirex (Youngstown, OH) provides maintenance and inventory control programs for molders http:// www. msdssearch .com /

Mastercam Software updates toolpaths to reflect changes in a model change. It can easily select an entire set of operations from another similar part to apply to the CAD model. CNC Software, Inc., Tolland, CT 06084 USA (tel. 800-228-2877)

MoldCAE Provides CAE solutions for the moldmaking industry and offers information on software, services, ordering capabilities and downloads by MoldCAE, Brampton, Ontario, Canada www.

Moldflow This is a series of software modules to analyze melt flow, cooling, shrinkage, warpage. MoldMaking provides a global information center for moldmaking tips, trends and technologies including events, news and new products and offers subscription capabilities, an online buyers guide, an outsourcing directory, and its new MoldMaker's Forum by MoldMaking Technology magazine, Doylestown,

MOLDEST Provides product design, mold design, and injection molding process control by Fujitsu Ltd., Tokyo, Japan.

MPI LiTE A maintenance scheduling program from Spirex for injection molders.

Nypro Online Nypro (Clinton, MA) molders training programs that provide basics to technological advances.

PDLCOM Published by the Plastics Design Library, PDLCOM is an exhaustive reference source of how exposure environments influence the physical characteristics of plastics, naceframes/Store/pdlindex.htm

PDM It is for product development management and training as opposed to product data or document management. It extends CAD data to a manufacturing organization's non-design department such as analysis, tooling development, manufacturing/assembly, quality control, maintenance, and sales/marketing.

PennStateCool Program involves corner cooling to warpage analysis.

PICAT Molders training programs from A. Routsis Associates

PLA-Ace Software package from Daido Steel Co., Tokyo, Japan. It provides the basic information that encompasses selections that include a mold base, cavity, and core pin(s).

PLASCAMS Computer-aided materials selector. Access is regulated by user ID and password). RAPRA Technology Ltd. Shawbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 4NR, U.K., tel: +44-1939-250-383,

Fax: +44-1939-251-118,

PLASPEC It is a Materials Selection Database tel: 212-592-6570,

Plastics Design Library The PDL Electronic Databooks (also available in hardcopy) provide properties of thermoplastics, elastomers, and rubbers. The world's largest collection of phenomenological data, information is provided as concise textual discussions, tables, graphs and images on chemical resistance, creep, stress strain, fatigue, tribology, the effects of UV light and weather, sterilization methods, permeability, film properties, thermal aging, effects of temperature. The Databooks are available on a single CD-ROM as a complete set or as individual topics. They are updated annually. William Andrew Inc., NY,

Plastics Materials Resources This website can be accessed by members and nonmembers alike; however, there are several areas that have restricted access, i.e., for SPE members only. Society of Plastics Engineers, 14 Fairfield Dr., Brookfield, CT 06804-0403 USA, tel. 1 203 775 8490, Fax 203 775 8490,

PMP The McGill University, Montreal, Canada PMP Software packages (initially known as CBT) addresses a wide variety of topics associated with plastic materials. They include their introduction, classes/types, processing, technical photographs, and properties (mechanical, physical, electrical, etc.)

POLYMAT Fiz Chemie Berlin, Postfach 12 03 37, D-10593 Berlin, tel: +49 (0)30 / 3 99 77-0, Fax: +49 (0)30 / 3 99 77-134, E-mail: [email protected],

Polymer Search on the Internet This is the RAPRA free internet search engine. The number of plastic-related websites is increasing exponentially, yet searching for relevant information is often laborious and cosdy. During 1999 RAPRA Technology Ltd., the UK-based plastics and rubber consultancy, launched what is believed to be the first free Internet search engine focused exclusively in the plastics industry. It is called (PSI). It is accessiblc at Companies involved in any plastic-related activity are invited to submit their web-site address for free inclusion on PSI. The USA office is RAPRA Technology's USA office is in Charlotte, NC (tel. 704-571-4005).

Polymer Software PC-based polymer research tools. DTW Associates, Inc. P.O. Box 916, Ardmore, PA 19003 USA, tel: 1 610 642 0380, Fax: +1 610 642 2599,

ProHelp EPM Features a powerful shop-floor algorithms scheduler that monitors machines in real time with Windows-based software, updating its drag-and-drop bar charts during producdon by Mattec Corp., Loveland, OH 45140 (tel. 800-966-1301).

Prospector Web and Prospector Desktop The Prospector Web is an interactive database used to find and compare over 35,000 plastic materials. The Prospector Desktop is a disk-based version of the popular Prospector Web. Prospector Desktop also contains multi point data graphs. Available on CD-ROM or diskette for Windows and Macintosh. IDES INC., tel: 800-788-4668/307-742-9227, Fax: 307-745-9339,

RMA Resinate Material Advisor is resin evaluation and selection tool. This version 4.0 operates in conjunction with its 3-D mechanical design software called Autodesk Inventor. RMA streamlines the plastic-material selection process by integrating a material database with leading computer-aided design software. The modeled parts and assemblies can be assigned the correct plastic material properties direcdy, using a database of more than 13,000 materials. The information then can be used downstream easily without manufacturing inputting the data. Version 4.0 users can access the material database over the Internet. Resinate Corp., Andover, MA, USA.

RUBSCAMS Computer-aided materials selector for elastomers. RAPRA Technology Ltd. Shawbury, Shrewsbury, Shropshire SY4 4NR, UK, tel: +44-1939 250 383, Fax: +44-1939 251 118,

SitnTech This molding simulator from Paulson Training Programs (Chester, CT) links injection molding with production floor experience. Tt is designed to provide realistic setup and problem solving training for setup personnel, technicians, and process engineers.

SpirexLink An inventory control software package from Spirex for your plant's plasticating components.

SpirexMoldFill A comprehensive, time-saving assistance tool for molders from Spirex with the added advantage of a mold filling analysis program built-in.

Tech Connect Interactive troubleshooting software that allows supervisors, operators, and set-up personnel to identify and correct common injection molded part defects. Syscon-PlantStar, South Bend, IN, USA (tel. 574-232-3900),

Topaq This mold pressure analysis system is used in conjunction with the companies Pressurex stres- indicating films. It provides a perspective of the distribution and actual magnitude (psi) of pressure between any contacting or impacting surfaces. Films change colors in proportion to the amount of pressure applied. A

Window-based system scans and interprets the exposed film, rendering high definition, digital enhanced images, and statistical reports. Sensor Products, Inc., East Hanover, NJ 07936 (tel. 973884-1755)

Troubleshooting IM Problems Molders training programs from SME.

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