Corrosion resistance

Plastics are basically noncorrosive. However, there are compounds that can be affected when exposed to corrosive environments. The corrosion resistance of most plastics have provided outstanding performance in all types of products worldwide.

Since plastics (not containing metallic additives) are not subjected to electrolytic corrosion, they are widely used where this property is required alone as a product or as coatings and linings for material subjected to corrosion such as in chemical and water filtration plants, mold/die, etc. Plastics are used as protective coatings on products such as steel rod, concrete steel reinforcement, mold cavity coating, plasticator screw coating, etc.

Complex corrosive environments results in at least 30% of total yearly plastics production being required in buildings, chemical plants, transportation, packaging, and communications. Plastics find many ways to save some of the billion dollars lost each year by industry due to the many forms of corrosion.

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