The constraints of current company practice should be highlighted and discussed. Is the company constrained by its previous products? If so, it is as well to know about it at the initial design stage. Possible manufacturing facility constraints (example use is to be a certain plastic and/or process), financial and investment constraints, and attitudes are very

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relevant. If needed are there adequate in-house facilities for research, design, development, testing, etc., including quality of personnel; perhaps outside sources will be required or are outside sources reliable.

Unfortunately constraints relate to the economic conditions with its upward and downward business trends ranging from within the USA and worldwide. Different industries including the plastics industry are effected by these recessions. Regardless of these recessions the plastics industry always continues to have good growth. As stated by Glenn L. Beall, an outspoken proponent of good plastic product design, the USA plastics industry always continues to ride out the recessions at a growth rate higher then the GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

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