Computers and people

Computers have their place but most important is the person involved with proper knowledge in using and understanding its hardware and software in order to operate them efficiendy. The computer basically supports rather roudne tasks of embodiment and detailed operation rather than the human creative activities of conceptual human operation. Recognize that if the computer can do the job of a designer, fabricator, and odiers there is no need for these people. The computer is another tool for the designer, fabricator, and others to use. It makes it easier if one is knowledgeable on the computer's software capability in specific areas of interest such as designing simple to complex shapes, product design of combining parts, material data evaluation, mold design, die design, finite element analysis, etc. By using the computer tools properly, the results are a much higher level of product designing and processing that will result in no myths.

Successful products require the combination of various factors that includes sound judgment and knowledge of processing. Until the designer becomes familiar with processing, a fabricator must be taken into the designer's confidence early in development and consulted frequendy. It is particularly important during the early design phase when working with conditions such as shapes and sizes. There are certain features that have to be kept in mind to avoid degradation of plastic properties. Most of these detractors or constrains are responsible for the unwanted internal stresses that can reduce the available stress for load bearing purposes.

The industrial production process as practiced in today's business is based on a smooth interaction between regulation technology, industrial handling applications, and computer science. Particularly important is computer science because of the integrating functions it performs that includes the tool manufacture, primary processing equipment, auxiliary equipment, material handling, and so forth up to business management itself. This means that CIM (computer-integrated manufacturing) is very realistic to maximize reproducibility that results in producing successful products.

The use of computers in design and related fields is widespread and will continue to expand. It is increasingly important for designers to keep up to date continually with the nature and prospects of new computer hardware and software technologies. For example, plastic databases, accessible through computers, provide product designers with up-dated property data and information on materials and processes. To keep material selection accessible via computer terminal and a modem, there are design database that maintain graphic data on thermal expansion, specific heat, tensile stress and strain, creep, fatigue, programs for doing fast approximations of the stiffening effects of rib geometry, educational information and design assistance, and more.

Today's software developers are laced with a serious challenge concerning how to produce a safe and reliable product in the shortest possible time frame. This is not a new problem; it has simply been exaggerated in recent years by pressures from the marketplace, and the manufacturing industry ccrtainly is not immune to those pressures. Manufacturers including throwing large budgets into software development tools and manpower have sought many solutions.

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