Computerbased training

While a variety of approaches are available to train people such as a classroom with an instructor, books, etc. Each have their place but available and affordable CBT video technology makes possible training a large number of people with ease and efficiendy. They provide opportunities to create plants own in-house training programs with ease of updating. However, video-based training can have limitations such as being sequential; teaching units logically follow and build on one another. User attempt to circumvent the predetermined sequence can be both time consuming and frustrating. Also, it is a one-way communication tool with the user maintaining a relatively passive role in the learning process.

A major advantage of CBT is that learning can take place at the conveyance of the consumer. These training methodologies can take a back seat to the muldmedia-based training. MMBA (computers and media working together) uses audio, video, text, and graphics to take full advantage of a PC's ability to capture, reconfigure, and display data. They are efficient and effective particularly in the area of technical training such as running complex or dangerous equipment in a safe environment. Real life situations are depicted and the learner asked to respond, etc.

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