Acceleration from 0 to 50 km/h Gradability at 25 km/h Gradability at 20 km/h Forward speed for 5 min Range: Electric


Nonelectrical energy consumption in hybrid vehicles (consumption of nonelectrical energy must be less than 75% of the total energy consumed)

Recharge time from 80% discharge

The case study of a GM EV of the 1970s is as follows: System and characteristics:

Motor—separately excited DC, 34 hp, 2400 rev/m Battery pack—Ni-Zn, 120 V, 735 lb Auxiliary battery—Ni-Zn, 14 V Motor drive—armature DC chopper using SCRs; field DC chopper using bipolarjunction transistors (BJTs) Top speed—60 mi/h Range—60-80 miles Acceleration—0-55 mi/h in 27 s

The vehicle utilized a modified Chevy Chevette chassis and body. This EV was used mainly as a test bed for Ni-Zn batteries. Over 35,500 miles of on-road testing proved that this EV was sufficiently road worthy.

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