712 Drive Controller

The drive controller runs the motor drive subsystem of the electric or hybrid electric vehicle. The drive controller is a local controller within the vehicle control system. The vehicle controller sends torque commands to the drive controller, which attempts to deliver the desired request using its internal control algorithm. The drive controller manages and processes the information of the system to control the flow of power into the drivetrain. The function of the drive controller is to accept command and feedback signals, process the information according to the desired criterion, such as efficiency maximimzation, and generate the gate switching signals for the power devices of the converter. Modern controllers are digital instead of analog, which helps minimize drift and error and improves performance through their capability of processing complex algorithms in a short time. The controllers are essentially an embedded system, where microprocessors and digital signal processors are used for signal processing. Interface circuits consisting of A/D and D/A converters are required for communication between the processor and the other components of the system.

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