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FIGURE 1.7 Electricity generation Piechart

The importance of searching for alternative energy sources cannot be overemphasized, and sooner or later, there will be another energy crisis if we, the people of the earth, do not reduce our dependence on oil. Today's industries, particularly the transportation industry, are heavily dependent on oil, the reserve of which will eventually deplete in the not so distant future. Today, about 42% of petroleum used for transportation in the United States is imported. An average ICEV in its lifetime uses 94 barrels of oil, based on 28 mi/gallon fuel consumption. On the other hand, an average EV uses two barrels of oil in its lifetime, based on 4 mi/kWh. The oil is used in the EV process during electricity generation, although only 4% of electricity generated is from oil. The energy sources for electricity generation are shown in the pie chart of Figure 1.7.

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