10214 Example IC Engines in HEVs

Toyota Prius

1.5 liter DOHC 16 valve Inline 4 cylinders BorexStroke—75.0*84.7 Variable valve timing 75 hp @ 4500 rpm 82 ft-lb @ 4200 rpm 13:1 compression

Runs on Atkinson cycle with extended expansion cycle and reduced compression cycle; the cycle improves thermal efficiency at the expense of specific output EPA gas mileage—52 (highway)/45 (city) (for the ICE only) Gross weight—2775 lb

Honda Insight

1.0 liter SOHC 12 valve Inline 3


Variable valve timing and lift control (VTEC)—two sets of cam lobes 67 hp @ 5700 rpm 66 ft-lb @ 4800 rpm 10.8:1 compression ratio

Stratefied charge: 14.7:1 to 22:1 (richer near spark plug) Lean burn at lower rpm for more torque and efficiency EPA gas mileage—70 (highway)/61 (city) (for the ICE only) Gross weight—1940 lb

The above gasoline engines used in HEVs can be compared with a diesel engine used in a conventional vehicle, specifics of which are given in the following. VW Jetta TD (Turbo Diesel)

1.9 liter SOHC 8 valve Inline 4, turbocharged 19.5:1 compression Bore*Stroke—79.5*95.5 90 hp @ 3750 rpm 155 ft-lb @ 1900 rpm EPA gas mileage—49 (highway)/41 (city)

The excellent engine characteristics of the VW Jetta ICEV show that diesel engines can be good candidates for thermal engines in hybrid vehicles.

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