64 Seriesproduction hybriddrive cars

During the early stages of introducing hybrid vehicles into the urban scene, state or local authorities may well offer direct and indirect financial inducements to get these 'clean vehicles' into areas that suffer from atmospheric pollution by motor transport. Now Toyota are manufacturing their Prius, Fig. 6.13, at the rate of 1000 a month and these cars are selling well in Japan. The Japanese Government, in a deliberate effort to curb urban pollution in Japan, is subsidizing the manufacture and sales drive by a variety of tax concessions, including one that directly benefits the user/ operator of the hybrid saloon. The deal with the Japanese Government has enabled Toyota to offer these cars as a competitive package, when taking these taxation inducements into account. Toyota have found a technical solution, which, in engineering terms, is both ingenious and realistic. The company have made use of various new technologies to reduce the weight of the vehicle and its major components and systems. For example, the rolling resistance of the tyres has also been minimized, which reduces power demand by about 5 to 8%.

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