378power Diagram For Motoring And Charging

Figure 3.18 presents the combined circuit diagram for motoring and battery charging. Reservoir capacitors and mode contactors have been added. The capacitors function as snubbers when running in motoring mode. As drawn, to adapt to battery charging, the battery plug is moved to outlet D and the mains inserted into plug B, alternatively contactors could be used to do the job. Battery safety precautions comprise: (1) the battery is connected via a circuit breaker capable of interrupting the full short-circuit current of a charged battery; (2) this circuit breaker is to contain a trip to disconnect battery by mechanical means only; (3) battery/motor/controller are each to contain 'firewire' to disconnect the circuit breaker; (4) circuit breaker is to be tripped by 'G' switch when 6G is exceeded in any axis.

DIY Battery Repair

DIY Battery Repair

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