High-Pressure Steam

Steam Condenser

Cooling Cooling Tower 4 Tower T

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▼Chilled Water

Gas Turbine Chiller

Chilled Water

Steam Turbine Chiller

Fig. 37-49 Two Configurations Used with Gas-Turbine Systems for Achieving Additional Capacity Through Use of Recovered Heat. Source: Solar Turbines and The American Gas Cooling Center at full load, with part of the power output used to drive the generator. In this arrangement, the turbine remains at full load under most or all conditions and can operate for a majority of the hours in the year under peak efficiency. The value of shaft power and heat recovery over 4,500 to 7,000 hours makes this type of chiller/cogeneration application very effective and economical. Factoring in reliability, low maintenance, and long service life makes the gas turbine-driven chiller a highly attractive alternative.

With this configuration component capacity (i.e., turbine and motor) is a function of the operating and load characteristics of the facility. In facilities with limited or no winter season cooling, the motor generator, for example, could be sized to match full turbine output capacity. It would serve as a complete electric cogeneration system in the winter and as a complete chilling cogeneration system in the summer. In swing seasons, it would serve as both. Direct inlet cooling from the chiller is also used to further increase total power output.

Air In

- Gas Turbine

Exhaust Out

Electric Induction Motor/Generator


Refrigeration Compressor

Fig. 37-50 Gas Turbine-Driven Refrigeration Compressor with Induction Motor/Generator.

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