Pneumatic tools and controls served by a central air station have many advantages in industrial operations. They feature high power density, reliability, and precise control under partial loads and may be used steadily for long periods without overheating. Air motors are widely applied in operations that involve flammable or explosive liquids, vapors, or dust. They may be operated in corrosive, hot, or wet environments, frequently stopped and started, and operated at varying speeds without damage.

Pneumatically actuated equipment such as clamps, presses, feeders, and conveyors are commonly applied in production lines, as are pneumatic conveyers. Other common pneumatic applications include drilling, hammering, blast cleaning, spraying, automatic packaging, hoisting, cutting, stapling, sanding, grinding, plastic molding, liquid agitation, and fuel atomization.

Due to the wide range of applications for compressed air, air compressors typically account for a large part of an industrial facility's energy operating budget. The proper application of compressor technology is extremely important, since annual compressor operating costs are often greater than their total capital investment cost.

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