Overview of Technical Analysis Study Processes

While the technical analysis study process may consist of one, two, or even three phases, quality studies will all generally include the same basic components. These are:

• Compiling all data collected during the preliminary study phase.

• Conducting in-depth interviews with the facility energy manager, engineers, and maintenance and operating personnel to assess the operating characteristics of existing energy systems and system improvement goals.

• Reviewing facility plans for other planned non-energy related capital improvements and renovations.

• Reviewing long-term fuel and electricity purchasing options available to the facility (this includes all viable power purchase and sales and fuel purchase options).

• On-site evaluation of all mechanical, electrical, and controls systems associated with targeted application opportunities.

• On-site direct metering.

• Organizing and analyzing all data collected.

• Computer modeling as appropriate both for specific measures and for facility-wide measure interactivity.

• Utility bill reconciliation analysis.

• Developing detailed equipment and installation budget cost estimates for each potential application.

• Developing budget estimates for long-term annual operations, maintenance, repair, and replacement and comparing with existing baseline annual costs.

• Financial analysis, including structuring of terms for payment to ensure the facility receives the optimum benefit of any grants or utility incentive payments to reduce the project implementation cost.

• Developing cost-effective savings verification protocols for all proposed measures.

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