Localized OnSite Power Generation Plant Layout Examples

Figures 23-20 through 23-29 are examples of on-site generation plant layouts. Each of these plants require adequate space for the various equipment systems, as well as expected operations and service requirements. Space considerations include prime mover dimensions, arrangement of accessories, and passage for operation, maintenance, and crane work. The height of the machinery space depends on the headroom required for component removal, crane size, and ventilation systems and, where applicable, arrangement of the cooling water systems. Basements are beneficial for housing accessories and running cables and pipes, and can also be used to draw in ventilation air.

Figure 23-20 is a layout for a large-capacity single reciprocating engine electric generation plant. Air intake and exhaust flow paths are shown along with the location of the ventilation fan. Notice the multiple floor levels on both sides of the engine room and the exterior installation of the coolant water systems. Excluded from this plant layout are provisions for exhaust gas heat recovery and air emissions treatment. Figure 23-21 illustrates these provisions. Notice the basement location of the exhaust gas catalyst, silencer, and heat exchanger, along with coolant water heat exchanger.

Figure 23-22 shows the mechanical room of a 5,650 kW cogeneration plant featuring five dual-fuel reciprocating Diesel engines, each with an electrical output of 1,130 kW

Fig. 23-20 Layout Diagram for Large-Capacity Single Reciprocating Engine Electric Generation Plant. Source: MAN B&W
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