Informational Requirements

While different types of information and different levels of accuracy will be required during different phases of the study process, the same basic types of information will be required to complete most integrated studies. Following is a representative listing of some of the basic information that is typically required.

Incremental economic values must be determined for items such as:

• Electricity

• Steam or other heat sources at each thermal level (temperature) required

• Purchased chilled water

• Operations and maintenance

• Personnel requirements, including special training

• Environmental permitting and emissions controls costs

• Cost of standby electricity (in electric generation feasibility studies)

• Cost of capital/debt

• Cost of insurance

• Cost/value of required or avoided floor space

• Downtime costs

Long-term life-cycle factors must also be integrated into the economic analysis for items such as:

• Cost/value of electricity (internal use and, where applicable, power sales)

• Fuel supply cost and contract security

• Escalation of energy, water, and other resources costs and operations, maintenance, and repair costs (and contracts)

• Replacement costs

• Salvage value

• Performance degradation

Incremental capital investment costs to be integrated include:

• Engineering and planning costs

• Acquisition costs of systems to be installed

• Cost for modification of existing equipment

• Demolition and material disposal costs

• Utility program incentives or penalties

• Startup and debugging costs and cost of production downtime

• Permitting, development, legal, and other consulting fees

The selection and utilization of tools and the assembly of information are combined in the processes of analysis described in detail below.

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