Fan Components

Fans typically include the following components:

• The impeller is the rotating element that transfers energy to the fluid. Impellers may be referred to as wheels, rotors, or, in certain designs, squirrel cages or propellers.

• The blades, or vanes, are the principal working surfaces of the impeller.

• The housing, also referred to as the casing or stator, is the stationary element that guides the air or gas across the impeller.

• The inlet, which may be referred to as the eye or suction, is the opening through which air enters the fan.

• The outlet, or discharge, is the opening through which air leaves the fan.

• Stationary vanes may be used to guide the flow. Vanes before the impeller are referred to as inlet-guide vanes. Vanes after the impeller are referred to as discharge-guide, or straightening, vanes.

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