Emergency Response and Spare Parts

Emergency response procedures to equipment failure should be established for all critical systems. For systems under long-term preventative maintenance contracts, emergency service will often be a component of the contract. Provisions can be made for various levels of response time, depending on how critical system operation is to the facility. Provisions for temporary service should also be included, as appropriate.

As noted in the prior discussion of the OM&R manuals, for each equipment component related to an installed system, the OM&R Supervisor should develop and maintain a spare parts list/database with electronic inventory capability. The database should detail spares for normal operations and specify all relevant tooling. As noted, there are numerous software packages commercially available that can add speed and sophistication to this process. Local sources of parts should also be maintained, with identification of those capable of responding within 24 hours of a call for service. Where appropriate, an inventory of spare parts should be maintained on site.

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