Elements of an Integrated Program

Figure 40-1 is a process flow chart of the major steps involved in developing and implementing an integrated energy resource optimization project. This flow chart is based on using a performance-based design-build approach where the contractor develops a program, proposes it to a client facility, and then enters into a contract to execute the entire scope of work. This is one of several methods of development and implementation of such a program. In other cases, the process could be broken into several parts, where the client facility contracts for an independent engineering study, then for engineering design and implementation, each separately. Regardless of the approach, the process will include the same essential elements. Figure 40-2 provides a representative timeline of several central elements of the entire process in the form of a Gantt chart. The operational phase is not shown, since this is an ongoing effort for the duration of the project life. Expanded versions of this chart, showing critical path tasks, are provided below along the overview discussions of the development and implementation processes.

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