Electric Rate 3 RTP

Electric Rate 3 is a simplified real-time-pricing rate. There are several ways in which this developing rate is offered by electric utilities to customers. In one common approach, the pricing is established per rate block based on an analysis of the utility's costs associated with the dispatch of various generation stations in the stack. Each day, the utility informs the customer of which hours will be applied to each rate block.

In this case (Figure 22-7), four blocks have been assigned: base, intermediate, peak, and power pool peak. The power pool peak refers to costs incurred as a result of the utility requiring peak power from the pool. Since each hour of the year is assigned to a rate block based on actual (real time) dynamic conditions, there is no established schedule. A good approximation can be made based on experience, however. For the purpose of demonstrating the workings of this rate, hours have been assigned for winter (36.64 weeks) and summer (17.50 weeks) to each of the four rate blocks.

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