Construction Approach Methodology

Regardless of the overall implementation approach taken, the construction approach methodology for procurement, installation, and commissioning should incorporate standard industry practices for assuring proper coordination, communications, materials quality, installation methods, budget controls, code compliance, safety practices, etc. All of the procedures to be followed should be established and documented in a procedures manual made available in electronic and hard copy. The manual will list all key personnel, along with their relationship to the project. It should include a system of communication, including the initiation, routing, and recording of all correspondence. The proper processing of contracts, field orders, payment requests, change orders, shop drawings, cutsheets, and samples should all be explained. The time and place for job and project meetings should be established and responsibility for the preparation of agenda and the recording of minutes determined. The procedures manual should remain a flexible document that will take form according to the needs of the project and the management group.

Guide to Alternative Fuels

Guide to Alternative Fuels

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