Condenser Load

Refrigeration system heat rejection, typically expressed in Btu/ton-h (kWhh/kWhr), depends on the amount of heat absorbed (or the refrigeration effect) and the thermal or mechanical energy input to the refrigera

Table 36-1 Condensing Temperature, °F (°C) vs. Condensing Media _Source: Carrier Corp._

Condensing Media

Inlet Temperature

°F (°C)

City Water

75 (24) 80 (27)

20 (11) 20 (11)

95 (35) 100 (38)

10 (6) 10 (6)

105 (41) 110 (44)

Cooling Tower 75-78°F (24-25.5°C) WB

85 (29)

10 (6)

95 (35)

10 (6)

105 (41)

Evaporative Condenser 75-78°F (24-25.5°C) WB 78-80°F (25.5-27°C) WB

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