Facility Site Plans

To the extent that they are available, accurate, and up-to-date, facility drawings of the current site configuration will provide the study team with a preliminary understanding of the systems located within the facility and how they were designed to interact. These drawings also provide a basis for determining the physical limitations of retrofit construction from mechanical, electrical, civil, and architectural perspectives. System drawings and schedules that were identified but not located during site visit preparation should be located at this time. Copies of central plant, distribution, and end-use mechanical and electrical drawings and schedules should be procured for detail of the layout of the facility and how its utilities are delivered.

As part of the site visit, the study team should confirm the accuracy of the record drawings in terms of actual physical layout and system configurations. Deviations from the record drawings are common and must be identified to eliminate erroneous conclusions by the study team. Open areas shown on drawings are often used by equipment installed subsequent to plan development and therefore, may not be available for expansion purposes. At this point, deviations should be identified from empirical observations or non-extensive testing procedures. Any deviations that cannot be reconciled should be targeted for more in-depth testing during the detailed study.

During the initial site visit, special attention will be paid to those factors that will limit or eliminate the feasibility of certain application options. Space limitations, site code requirements, and site logistics are often critical factors in the determination of system viability. Early elimination of system alternatives allows for a more streamlined study focus. A fairly extensive data retrieval procedure should be employed to gauge feasibility for the maximum number of system options.

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