Ambient Temperature

Fig. 10-50 Relative Efficiency as a Function of Ambient Temperature for Representative Gas Turbine. Source: ABB Stal

has been established by the ISO. These standards, which have been adopted by most gas turbine manufacturers, are:

Ambient temperature =

59°F (15°C)

Altitude =

Sea level - G ft. (G m)

Ambient pressure =

29.92 in. Hg (1G1.3 kPa)

Relative humidity =


Inlet and exhaust losses =

G in. H2O (G cm Hg)

Based on these ISO standard conditions, correction factors are established based on physical mass flow properties to determine performance for conditions other than ISO, such as those shown in Table 10-1. Based on the specific conditions for a given application, these correction factors can be used to determine power output and heat rate. This will be apparent from manufacturer's data.

The example below demonstrates the method of calculating gas turbine performance at site conditions based on manufacturers' ISO-based ratings and correction factors for conditions other than standard.

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