$ 3,120,691

Table 26-20 Annual Cost Data for Case RE-1.

Table 26-20 Annual Cost Data for Case RE-1.

tion or load reduction can also affect central plant requirements, integrated studies that interactively consider all opportunities at a facility are a preferred analytical approach.

Following are two sensitivity analyses that demonstrate different results. The first shows how results would be different for a facility with somewhat varying conditions. The second shows how the expected implementation of interactive measures at this facility would alter the study results.

Sensitivity Analysis 1

The major factor impeding the economic performance of the reciprocating engine configuration in this potential application is the cost and inefficiency of utilizing the low-grade portion of its thermal energy. In this particular facility, the lack of a sufficient nearby hot water load increased the capital budget for this case by requiring the installation of a heat recovery hot water distribution system.

Alternately, in this case, the high-pressure natural gas line available to the project provides substantial benefit to the gas turbine configuration. In another location, where such facilities were not available, the gas turbine cogener-ation plant option would be burdened with the capital and operating cost of a gas compressor to raise the pressure to the 200 psig required by the DLN combustor of the gas turbine.

As a test of sensitivity, we will remove the hot water distribution system from the RE-1 plant configuration and require the addition of a booster gas compressor for each of the gas turbines included in the GT-1 plant configuration. This sensitivity assumes that gas is available to the facility at approximately 75 psig, the minimum gas pressure required by the reciprocating engines in the RE-1 configuration. For the GT-1 case, the simulation assigned an additional parasitic load of 75 kW for primary gas compression on each operating turbine and a total installed cost of $675,000 for the three compressors. This results in an increase in both capital cost and annual operating cost for the gas turbine system. Table 26-22 summarizes the economic performance for each option that results from running the system simulation for each of these revised cases. Notice that in this scenario, the reciprocating engine-based system now has a shorter simple


Project Cost

Annual Operating Cost



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