Uncertainty Estimates

Uncertainty estimates are based on 95 percent confidence levels, and determined using procedures described by Kline and McClintock [42] and Moffat [43]. Uncertainty of temperatures measured with thermocouples is 0.15 ° C. Spatial and temperature resolutions achieved with the infrared imaging are about 0.52 mm and 0.8 ° C, respectively. This magnitude of temperature resolution is due to uncertainty in determining the exact locations of thermocouples with respect to pixel values used for the in situ calibrations. Local Nusselt number ratio uncertainty is then about ± 0.13 (for a ratio of 2.00), or about ± 6.5 percent. Reynolds number uncertainty is approximately ± 1.7 percent for ReH of 10,000. The uncertainties of local total pressure (relative to atmospheric pressure), local static pressure (relative to atmospheric pressure), local streamwise velocity, and local streamwise vorticity are ±4.0, ±4.0, ±2.5, and ±8.0 percent, respectively.

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