Task 3 Droplets

We have previously developed a low cost IR-HeNe laser probe that measures the spatial and temporal fuel concentration in premixers. In this task, we wish to extend the probe to two-phase flows so that we can measure the appearance of droplets as well as determine the gas phase fuel concentration. We will do this by superposing the beam from a red HeNe laser with the beam of the IR HeNe laser. Droplets will diminish both beam intensities while fuel vapor will diminish only the IR laser beam.

Status: Significant results on this Task were given in a previous semiannual report (covering June 1 to December 30 2000), and in a paper submitted to the 2nd Joint Meeting of the U.S. Sections of the Combustion Institute as Paper Number WSS/CI 2001-246. This paper was attached to a previous semiannual report (covering July 1 to December 31 2001) as an appendix.

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