This report summarizes the work accomplished in the first half of year 1 of the DOE-ATS project to LSU. The main goals of the research were to perform experiments and simulations for flow and heat transfer in smooth and ribbed channels at large aspect ratios, high Re, and high buoyancy parameters. The following have been the main accomplishments to date:

□ Delivery and installation of the UTRC (united Technologies Research Corporation) rotating rig facility and instrumented models. Work is now ongoing to take data in a 1:4 model. We expect to report measurements at Re=500,000, Ro=0.4, and Ap/pin=0.2 in the Feb. ATS meeting for an aspect ratio of 1:4

□ RANS simulations for the ribbed rotating channel. These have been completed for a number of cases. In the Feb. meeting, we expect to present results for 1:1, 1:4, and 4:1 aspect ratios for a range of Re, Ro and Buoyancy parameters.

□ Large Eddy Simulations (LES) for periodically developed flow and heat transfer in a channel with buoyancy and rotational effects. These have been completed for a number of cases, and these results are now being used for model validation in the RANS studies.

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