A detailed set of time-dependent, vane/blade aerodynamic interaction simulations was compiled using the VBI Navier-Stokes analysis code for the Purdue low speed turbine research rig. The simulations depict the time-dependent features of this complicated aerodynamic problem both with and without hub leakage flow. Decomposition of the data depicts several key features of the interactions between the leakage flow, and primary and secondary flow features through the blade passage. Animations of the time-dependent simulations improve our understanding of this problem and lend insight for measured data. Future efforts will concentrate on correlating test and prediction data more thoroughly and examining other features of this complex flow.

Final Report For The Project Entitled

Edge Cooling Heat Transfer On Turbine Blades for

Advanced Gas Turbine Scientific Research Consortium South Carolina Institute for Energy Studies (SCIES) Clemson University Clemson, SC No. I/98-01-SR071 /DOE

R. J. Goldstein Heat Transfer Laboratory Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Minnesota

111 Church St. SE Minneapolis, Minnesota and C. Camci

Department of Mechanical Engineering Pennsylvania State University University Park, Pennsylvania

February 19, 2002

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