• The university principal investigators of the ten short listed AGTSR 2001 proposals were contacted in October and asked to examine their budgets for possible reductions of 5 to 10% to potentially enable more awards.

To date, eight of the ten short listed proposals have decreased their budgets for a total reduction of $241,608. The principal investigator for one of the two remaining proposals recently indicated that he intends to also reduce his budget.

Once the SCIES continuation request has been approved by NETL and the Clemson University Research Foundation, contract negotiations will begin with the 10 short listed PI's/universities.

• An initial list of candidate research topics was completed for the year 2002 RFP. These topics were compiled from the most recent AGTSR RFP, presentations by technical representatives from the IRB companies at the most recent AGTSR workshops, and DOE input. Although some of the topics are being addressed in current AGTSR projects, they were included to determine if additional research is needed. Topics are in major areas of Combustion, Aero-Heat Transfer, Materials, and Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability (RAM). These topics were sent to the DOE for information purposes and then to the IRB for ranking.

Recent DOE emphasis for the developing High Efficiency Engines and Turbine (HEET) program has been directed to coal-based turbine systems. Since coal-fueled turbine applications have not previously been a focus of the university research program, the list sent to the IRB had only limited topics related to those applications. Consequently, the IRB companies were asked to recommend additional university research topics related to coal-based turbine systems and rank them along with those that were provided. The topic rankings were requested from the IRB by February 20.

• Attachment IV contains the Success Stories released this reporting period.

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