Progress In Experimental Research

It is planned to perform the proposed research in an experimental facility donated to us by United Technologies Research Corporation (UTRC). This facility was originally used by Bruce Johnson and Joel Wagner for making a series of heat transfer measurements under rotating conditions. Along with this facility, several fully instrumented coolant channel models were also obtained. Two of these models were in line with the models to be tested for the proposed work, and included a 4:1 model and a 6:1 model. These were both heat transfer models where temperature measurements were made using thermocouple and slip-ring assemblies.

The following tasks have been completed by December 2001.

1. Transport of the UTRC rotating rig facility to LSU

2. Installation of the facility

3. Preliminary testing is now ongoing

We anticipate to have test runs and data with the 1:4 test section by February 2002.

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