Rotating Heat Transfer

• Design, fabricate and instrument a two-pass smooth wall rectangular channel with an aspect ratios of 2:1 (AR = a/b = 2:1).

• Measured local heat transfer distributions and pressure drops in the smooth wall rectangular channels for the effects of Reynolds number (Re = 10,000-100,000), Rotation number (Ro = 0-0.4), Coolant to wall temperature ratio (TR = 0.8-0.9), and rotating angle (g = 900 and 1200).

• Have done the effect of rotation in a two-pass rectangular channel with aspect ratio of 2:1 with V-shaped rib turbulators for two rotating channel orientations as showed in this report.

• Install various high performance turbulence promoters (broken angled ribs, broken V-shaped ribs, and delta-shaped turbulators, respectively) on the leading and trailing surfaces of the smooth-wall and measure local heat transfer and pressure drops for the same range of parameters as for the smooth surface.

• Correlate the new data and compare with the existing data (AR = 1:1).

• Compare with predictions in part II for rotating channels.

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