D hydraulic diameter (m) e rib height (m)

h heat transfer coefficient (W/m2 k)

k thermal conductivity of coolant (W/mK)

Nu local Nusselt number, hD /k

Nuo Nusselt number in fully-developed turbulent non-rotating tube flow without ribs

Pr Prandtl number qnet net heat at wall (W/m2 )

A surface area of the copper plate (m2)

Re Reynolds number, p VD /|m

Ro rotation number, W D/V

Tbx local coolant temperature (oC)

Tbi coolant temperature at inlet (oC)

Tw wall temperature (oC)

V bulk velocity in streamwise direction (m/s)

X distance measured along the channel axis from the start of the heating (m).

b angle of channel orientation with respect to the axis of rotation

W rotational speed (rad/s)

m dynamic viscosity of coolant (Pa-s)

p density of coolant (kg/m3)

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